English Poetry 1783-1916

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This anthology brings together, in one single collection, the best and the most popular short lyrical poems from a period so rich in variety, scope and poetic craft that it could rightly be labelled the Golden Age of English poetry. Ranging from the late eighteenth century to the Great War, the selection spans 132 years of unparalleled poetic output, featuring more than 200 extraordinary poems by sixty poets as outstanding as Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Tennyson, Emily Brontë, Christina Rosetti, the Brownings, Hopkins and Hardy. The overarching, global structure of the anthology is governed by the cycles of day, year, and life— beginning with morning, childhood and spring, and moving on through twenty-three vital movements, pertaining to different phases, towards night, winter and death.
‘This is a wonderfully rich and rewarding anthology of short lyric poetry, sensitively arranged into diurnal movements. The focus on shorter pieces allows for a scintillating range of verse to be included spanning 130 years of the English literary tradition, from familiar favourites to delightful new discoveries. Simonson and Gilete’s collection is an ideal introduction to the English poets.’
Nick Groom, Professor of Literature in English, 
University of Macau
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